What is an African Dashiki?

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All You Need To Know About African Dashiki.

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Since the election of the first black American President, Barrack Obama, you find there has been a very high demand for African fashions among American communities. Almost seventy percent of African American communities have an African attire in their closet. Often, clothing usually acts an expression of our personality. There are those of us who like to celebrate their African culture and heritage by wearing a variety of African clothes. The bottom line is that ethnic clothing styles are dynamic and a versatile way that you can use to tell others about what they are to you as well who they are to you. With no doubts, African clothing styles and fashions have a very rich and a diverse history to start with.


You find that clothing that comes from Africa usually reflects the diversity of the region where they come from in that continent. It can be a very challenging task for someone to try to understand the various clothing styles as well as what each clothing style represents. In this article, the reader will get helpful information about the Africa rich clothing history and in particular insights about what an African dashiki is.


What is an African Dashiki?

Dashiki is one of the African clothing styles that is very popular among African Americans communities today. African dashikis are unique colorful garments closely similar to tunics that when worn covers your upper part of the body. Dashikis are common in two distinct types that are don dashikis and grand boubou dashikis.

1. Don Dashikis

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Don dashikis style is not uncommon because of the fact that most Western Africa men especially celebrities such as movie actors, musicians, and pastors like wearing don dashikis.You find that don dashiki African garments are usually worn on all occasions be it informal or formal as well during various ceremonies. Followers, Christians, and Muslims who like associating with the indigenous African religions usually like to wear dashikis. When dashikis are worn generally they are paired and match well with drawstring pants. Note that in Africa and across the world bridegrooms like to wear don dashiki garments during their wedding ceremonies.


2. Grand Boubou

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Grand boubou, which is the other type of dashikis African clothing style is also quite common. Like don dashikis, you find that grand boubou is also worn with a long robe and matching pants that cover almost the entire outfit. This dashiki style is usually preferred by Muslims, Nigerians, and a big number of Africans who reside in Francophone countries. It is worth to note that dashikis interest and demand is becoming high in most western countries. For instance, during Kwanzaa celebrations, dashikis are the ones which are worn and they are the most popular style.


To wrap up the loose ends, it is important to mention that African clothing styles like dashiki is a great way to put forward a fashion statement while telling others about culture and heritage simultaneously. The point is that whatever African clothing fashion or style that you choose to wear, each and every piece of clothing is a symbol of a heritage and a rich history that can impress and be seen by anyone. It is primarily a celebration of a lifestyle, people as well as a world view.

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